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 Author: Bruce Sarte
Genre: Mystery and Suspense
Average Rating: 5.7/10 - 467 reviews
I bought this on a whim for my Kindle on Amazon and boy was it a good choice! This is a light and easy read, I read it in a day and a half.

I agree with the other reviews here that Sam is a tragic character and he seems lost in the booze until women turn his life around. A woman crushes him and a woman brings him back. It's an exciting book and you won't be let down by the action that comes like a fever pitch at the end.
Reader: DanBrownistheBestLight Reader
Rating: 10/10     Reviewed: February 04 2010

Sands Of Time
Captivating! Held my interest the whole way through. Completely enjoyed all the twists and turns along the way. I especially liked the language and style as it was written.

Although this is fiction the main characters are very real and identifiable. Keeps you engaged as it starts to unfold into a wild story I definetly did not see coming.

Great work Bruce! Looking forward to more.

Highly reccomended!
Reader: Space KricketLight Reader
Rating: 10/10     Reviewed: July 07 2009

Sands of Time is a gripping psychological portrait of a man who loses everything, and almost loses himself. When his wife and children are taken from him, he loses himself in the bottle, and in his own, sweet memories. As time passes, he finds strange clues that tell him a different story of the tragic accident that claimed his family. By moving toward the truth, he discovers things he could never have conceived of. This novel has a great twist at the end, but I won't say any more here: check it out for yourself!
Reader: AmazonReader!Light Reader
Rating: 10/10     Reviewed: January 11 2009

Bought this based on a recommendation read here.

I would, for the most part, agree that this is a good book and well worth the purchase price. I bought the eBook off and am happy with my purchase.

I will say that it isn't really a romance though... yes, there are relationships in the book but it isn't about that. It is more about what someone will do to save their family from peril than anything else.

All in all, it started out a little slow but picked up about 1/4 through and once it got rolling the story came fast and furious! The last 1/3 of the book flies by and before you know it, it's over!

Definitely recommended reading!
Reader: TechChickLight Reader
Rating: 9/10     Reviewed: October 31 2008

To start -- this is a great book!

At first, I though Sam Shepard was a "poor me" kind of character and I didn't like him very much. But as the book went on I started to feel for him and his passion to save his family. A good read! Highly recommended.
Reader: ILoveBooksLight Reader
Rating: 10/10     Reviewed: October 29 2008

Sands of Time is the first novel from Bruce A. Sarte. It is the story of a Jersey Shore Bed & Breakfast owner who has recently lost his family to a tragic accident and has taken to drowning his sorrows in whiskey. He begins to hallucinate seeing his dead wife and actually hearing her speak to him. She begins leaving clues that lead him on a search for answers about what really happened to his family and to realize his destiny.

The main character, Sam Shepard, is a truly troubled man who is written to be seen as an imperfect man that holds most people in low regard. He is flanked by Natalie who cares for him but is in no direct position to help him and Emily, a guest at the inn that becomes romantically involved with Sam. These characters are written with some depth and you begin to feel that maybe Sam is missing the point of it all until late in the novel when he finally gets it and follows through on the signs.

Great book!
Reader: SparklesLight Reader
Rating: 10/10     Reviewed: October 28 2008

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